Welcome to Chicaco Custom Washer

...an American company specializing in heavy duty round, square, and rectangular washers for construction, industry and OEM applications.  In addition to our standard products we can work from your specifications and produce exactly what you need with no or low tooling cost. 


1965       Celebrating 50 Years       2015

Hardened Square
Industrial Washers

Maximize Torque Down...Minimize Breakdown! Click here to learn more about protecting your valuable machinery and work with Haddock Square Washers.

Square Construction

Standard size or custom made to fit your specific requirements - Up to 1/2 thick.

USAEĀ® Hybrid Hardened

Larger and Thicker than conventional washers. Click here to learn about revolutionary Haddock USAEĀ® Hybrid Hardened Washers.

Square Construction

In construction projects, Diamondbacks Get a Bite and Hold on Tight! Click here for more about Haddock Diamondback Washers.

Custom Washers and

Haddock Tool can produce a wide variety of custom products. Click here to find about Haddock Custom Washers and Stamping.

Rectangular Washers

With our interchangeable tooling, we can create anything for your specific needs.